K82135 Clear Paint Protection Film – Aliphatic Polyurethane

Clear High Gloss 137 micron polyurethane with 20 micron top coat

High Tack Permanent Adhesive

75micron Matt Polyester Liner

1524mm width

Premium quality extruded aliphatic polyurethane film specially developed for use in the automotive and other industries which require a self adhesive material to reduce corrosion, stone chipping and scratching.

The film is transparent and has a specially developed high tack adhesive system which makes it suitable for use over painted surfaces.

The clear coating on the top surface provides outstanding gloss and the enhanced exterior durability that protects the painted surfaces of the vehicle from minor scuffs, scratches, damage caused by stone chips and environmental elements.

Suitable for use on specific exposed areas including car bonnets, bumpers, or for full vehicle coverage.

Due to the nature of the clear coat it is unlikely that any printing inks will adhere to the surface.


K82135 Clear Paint Protection Film – Aliphatic Polyurethane
Thickness 137 micron
Construction Polyurethane
Durability < 7 yrs
Availability UK
RAL --
Pantone --

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