Product Return Policy

All boxes/rolls of material shipped to KPMF USA customers/distributors have a shipping label that contains a part number and serial number that are pertinent for traceability to a Manufacturing date/lot.  When a distributor provides samples to a customer and/or a distributor replaces a box due to damage, it is critical that this information be transferred to the provided sample/box. To file a claim with KPMF USA, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be requested from the KPMF USA Quality Assurance Department.  This RMA number must be placed on the returned roll/box for reference at KPMF USA.  Any material that is returned to KPMF USA without an RMA number will not be received/processed through the KPMF USA Quality Assurance Department.  All claims can be made by contacting our main number and asking for Quality Assurance.  In order for KPMF USA to accept a claim and issue a credit, the part number and serial number must be provided by the distributor.  This information is needed for containment, root cause, corrective actions and verification of issue resolution.  The successful completion of these activities will protect you as a distributor as well as our end customers from any recurring quality concerns.RETURN

If you have any questions or concerns about the above information, please contact Quality Engineer Craig Linkowski at 248-377-4999 ext 3223.