K88025 High Gloss Black Gloss

Black High Gloss 120 micron vinyl
Clear Permanent Adhesive
Clear Polyester Liner

Vertical Exposure Mid Europe 10 years
Horizontal Exposure Florida 5 years

High Gloss Black is a superior quality soft hybrid PVC film, produced with a clear coating on the top surface giving an exceptionally high gloss appearance along with increased durability and scratch resistance. 

Typical applications include vehicle roof wraps to achieve a high gloss panoramic roof appearance, vehicle graphics, sign and decal applications that require an exterior exposure of up to 10 years.

Suitable for long term applications.

NB specific techniques should be used when applying K88025 High Gloss Black.


High Gloss Black
Thickness 120 micron
Construction Hybrid
Durability 5-10 years
Availability US,UK

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