History of Vehicle Wrap

LondonTaxiComplete vehicle wrapping began over two decades ago in the United Kingdom: the first project was a taxi. Kay Premium Marking Films introduced the world to a new way to restyle automobiles by covering nearly every inch of paint in wrap vinyl. In the early 1990s a concern with German taxis led to the creation of an exciting new industry.

An early German taxi wrapped with VWS1.

An early German taxi wrapped in VWS1.

It was in 1993 when a German distributor of Kay Premium Marking Films requested a vinyl that could be used to completely wrap German taxis in the beige color required by law. Before this, all taxis were painted the unattractive beige color and it was almost impossible to resell the vehicles after their life as a taxi. KPMF’s development of a wrapping specific vinyl allowed a black taxi to be wrapped in the required beige color. Nearly three years later when service was complete, the vinyl was removed leaving pristine black paint without scratches. The creation of the complete vinyl wrap not only greatly improved the resale value by protecting the paint during its taxi life, it also saved money by eliminating complete resprays. The complete vehicle wrap was born and has since become an industry of its own. KPMF remains a leader in this market today.

kpmfadTaxis were just the beginning. Eliminating the prior issue of being able to wrap around complex curves allowed both consumers and businesses to wrap from bumper to bumper with a new color or advertisements. Companies around the world began developing their own wrapping specific vinyls and the revolution took off. As the technology developed, options for gloss, matte, printable and even color-changing vinyl wrap films became available. KPMF has continued to engineer new products and remains a preferred choice for vehicle wrapping throughout Europe and Asia today.

colorchartSince pioneering complete vehicle wrapping film in the 1990s, KPMF have remained committed to achieving customer satisfaction through their continuous improvement of products and service.